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The Company of the Disciples

Acts 4:23-37

Victor M. Eskew


I.                TITLE OF THE SECTION


A.    The Company of the Disciples (Acts 4:23)

B.     Prayer and Practice

C.     Of One Heart and of One Soul (Acts 4:32)




i.                 THE REPORT (Acts 4:23)

ii.               THE RESPONSE (Acts 4:24-31)

iii.              THE RELIEF (Acts 4:31-37)




A.    Good communication is needed within the church (Acts 4:23).


B.     The church should show it reliance upon God through prayer (Acts 4:24-31).


C.     Prayer should be attended by the church “with one accord” (Acts 4:24).


D.    The Lord had prophesied that the rulers would rebel against Jesus (Acts 4:25-27).


E.     When the church is threatened, the church needs to pray for boldness to speak the Word of God (Acts 4:25).


F.     The miracles seen by the first century church gave boldness to those early disciples (Acts 4:29-30).


G.    God answers the prayers of His saints (Acts 4:31).


H.    The church needs to remain united (Acts 4:32).


I.       When brothers and sisters are in need, those who have should be willing to assist those in need (Acts 4:32, 34-35).


J.      The resurrection of Christ should help to fuel the passion of the church (Acts 4:33).


K.    We should not allow our brothers and sister to lack (Acts 4:34).


L.     The early church showed a willingness to give of their possessions (Acts 4:34).


M.   Benevolent efforts needs individuals to oversee the funds and their distribution (Acts 4:35).


N.    We need more “sons of consolation” like Barnabas in the church (Acts 4:36-37).