Currently there is only a Sunday worship service at 11:00 and no Wednesday Bible class
The reason is to mitigate the potentional spread of COVID-19
Beginning Sunday, February 7th, two Sunday worship services
and Bible classes on Sunday and Wednesday are scheduled to resume
Please check back for updates

Last updated Thu Jan 14 2:09 PM EDT 2021

OceanSide church of Christ

Class 8 - Instruments
I. The Short Answer
II. The Old Testament
Class 9 - Total Depravity
I. What is total depravity?
II. Arguments in favor of total depravity
Class 10 - Predestination
I. Predestination is also known as unconditional election
II. God does not show partiality
III. God gave His people a choice
IV. The common arguments
Class 11 - Mode of Baptism
I. Baptism is a transliteration
II. Proof Texts
III. Arguments
Class 12 - Role of Women
I. The New Testament
II. Restrictions
III. Arguments
Class 13 - Hand Clapping
I. From the beginning God has always been serious about His worship
II. Hand clapping as percussion
III. Hand clapping as applause
IV. Hand clapping at baptisms
Class 14 - Premillennialism Part 1
I. The three major millennial theories include postmillennialism, amillennialism, and premillennialism
II. The Jews rejected Christ
III. The kingdom of Christ
IV. The signs of the second coming (Matthew 24:3ff)
Class 15 - Premillennialism Part 2
I. The Rapture (1 Thess 4:13-17)
II. The Battle of Armageddon (Revelation 16:16)
III. The Thousand Year Reign (Revelation 20:1-6)
Class 16 - Lord's Supper
I. Introduction
II. When and How Often
III. The argument
IV. The one cup argument
Sowing the Seed Series SPEAKER Click for video
Class 1 - Authenticity Dalton Gilreath
Class 2 - Authority Dalton Gilreath
Class 3 - GLFW Dalton Gilreath
Class 4 - Baptism Dalton Gilreath
Class 5 - One Church Dalton Gilreath
Class 6 - Once Saved Always Saved Dalton Gilreath
Class 7 - Holy Spirit Dalton Gilreath
Class 8 - Instruments Dalton Gilreath
Class 9 - Total Depravity Dalton Gilreath
Class 10 - Predestination Dalton Gilreath
Class 11 - Mode of Baptism Dalton Gilreath
Class 12 - Role of Women Dalton Gilreath
Class 13 - Hand Clapping Dalton Gilreath
Class 14 - Premillennialism Part 1 Dalton Gilreath
Class 15 - Premillennialism Part 2 Dalton Gilreath
Class 16 - Lord's Supper Dalton Gilreath