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The Master (2)


Jesus Teaches the Woman of Samaria

John 4:3-27

Victor M. Eskew


Teacher’s Note:  This text teaches us a lot about personal evangelism.  I like to divide the group into 3 or 4 sections and let them have about 10 or 15 minutes to complete the questions.  Then bring all the groups together to discuss the answers.  As the teacher, you will need to learn the answers to the questions.  Too, you will need to make application to personal evangelism from Jesus’ discussion with the Samaritan woman (Ex., Jesus used a simple request to start a religious discussion).  POINT:  This study can be contrasted in many ways with the discussion from last week.


Instructions:  Read the passage and answer the questions listed below.


1.      Why is Samaria important to this account in the life of Jesus? (John 4:4)



2.      Who initiated the conversation on this occasion? (John 4:7)


3.      T – F    Jesus begins with a spiritual conversation.


4.      What were some of the things that made this conversation unusual? (John 4:9)








5.      Jesus turned the discussion into a spiritual discussion.  Did the woman immediately understand Jesus’ words? (John 4:10-12)


6.      T – F    Jesus got into the personal life of this woman. (John 4:16-18)


7.      T – F    Jesus shied away from the question this woman asked about worship. (John 4:20-22).


8.      T – F    Jesus told this woman that the worship of the Samaritans was false. (John 4:22)


9.      T – F    Jesus told this woman that Judaism was the exclusive religion of God. (John 4:22)








10.  What are some of the things Jesus caused this woman to understand about Himself?








11.  Why is John 4:27 pertinent to our discussion?


12.  List several things that we can learn about personal evangelism from this account in the life of Jesus.  (use back of paper to list them)